Xiaomi Now World’s Second Biggest Seller Of Wearables Behind Only Fitbit

China’s Xiaomi has risen to become the industry’s second largest company responsible for one-quarter of all shipments in the first quarter of this year.

According to the new data from IDC, which ranks FitBit top of the tree with 3.9 million shipments in Q1 2015, that’s more than double its previous year and 34.2% of the current market.Xiaomi came in next with 2.8 million shipments-24.6 of the market-ahead of Garmin (6.1%), Samsung (5.1 percent) and Jawbone (4.4 percent). IDC noted that Pebble and Sony narrowly missed out on featuring in the top five.

Xiaomi didn’t rank last year (in Q1 2014) because its first wearable — the supremely cheap $14.99 Mi Band – wasn’t unveiled until last summer. Initially available in China it can now be purchased in Xiaomi’s seven markets in Asia and — courtesy of a recent extension of its Mi.com store-the U.S., UK, France and Germany.

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